100 Bible Questions and Answers by Alex McFarland & Bert Harper

Straightforward answers to the toughest Bible questions.

Publisher: Broadstreet Publishing
Softcover; 224 pages
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Alex McFarland and Bert Harper, hosts of AFR's Exploring the Word, have answered live questions from listeners throughout North America for more than ten years.

Drawing on their years of experience as pastors, scholars, and Bible researchers, Alex and Bert offer well-reasoned responses to their most frequently asked questions in 100 Bible Questions and Answers. Readers will

  • develop a solid understanding of the Bible’s message,
  • learn how to explain the Bible’s toughest passages,
  • gain practical insight on how to strengthen their spiritual walk,
  • improve their confidence in sharing their faith, and
  • become equipped to speak up and stand up for their convictions.

Grow deeper in your relationship with Christ by enriching your understanding of the Bible, God’s love letter to you.



About the Authors:

Bert Harper formerly pastored churches in northeast Mississippi and is currently the director of Marriage, Family and Pastoral Ministries at the American Family Association. Bert co-hosts the radio program Exploring the Word heard weekdays on American Family Radio. He and his wife Jan also lead marriage conferences across America.

Alex McFarland is a speaker, writer and apologist.  He has spoken in hundreds of churches and on university campuses worldwide, has been featured at conferences such as the Billy Graham School of Evangelism, Focus on the Family's Big Day, and Josh McDowell's True Foundations events, and has appeared on Fox News® and CNN®. Alex is the co-host of Exploring the Word; he and his wife Angie live in Greensboro, North Carolina

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