Cultural Institute: David Butts Set

Two DVD set featuring teaching by David Butts on the topics of prayer and revival.

Disc 1: Revive Us Again (approximate runtime: 45 min)
Disc 2: The Gift of Prayer (approximate runtime: 51 minutes)

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 Volume 1:     The Gift of Prayer

Much of what we learn about prayer comes from the life of Christ. From His personal practice, His instructions and His zeal for the temple as a house of prayer, we see that private communion with God is an urgent matter for every believer. In The Gift of Prayer, author and speaker, David Butts challenges us to see prayer as a gracious gift from God through which we participate in bringing about His perfect will on Earth.  (Runtime: 45 minutes)


The importance of prayer.
The reasons we should pray
The cycle of prayer.


 Volume 2:     Revive Us Again

Throughout history there have been unique instances where God has sent spiritual revival among His people. These historical moves of God bring hope to every modern believer that He could once again stir the hearts of His people. But what does revival actually mean and how can we pray for it? In “Revive Us Again” author and speaker David Butts breaks down what it means to experience revival and how we can hope for it even in the midst of despair. (Runtime: 51 minutes)


The meaning of revival.
The history of revival.
Practical ways to pray for revival. 

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