Prodigal Prayer Guide

Nothing is more devastating than watching a loved one walk away from the Lord. Yet in the middle of this grief, God offers a beautiful invitation to trust Him and to draw nearer to Him than ever before.

Softcover; 66 pages

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"God specializes in impossible situations, and He loves to prove that hopeless
cases aren't hopeless after all.  Never give up. Pray, pray, and keep on praying.
Your prayers accomplish more than you have ever dreamed.

- Francine Perry (mother of former prodigal)

The Prodigal Prayer Guide is filled with powerful scripture-based prayer over your loved ones as you intercede for them by name before the throne of God. These prayers were written by parents of prodigals and former prodigals who have returned to God and right relationship with Him.

But be warned: as you trust the Lord to change the heart of your prodigal, you may find that He changes your own heart as well.



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