The Bible: America's Source of Law and Liberty by Stephen McDowell

Why it is essential to return to our biblical roots to preserve our freedoms.

Softcover; 208 pages

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In this well researched and thoroughly documented book, Stephen McDowell presents an outstanding record of how God and the Bible are the source of America’s laws, educational philosophy, and transcendent greatness. This book gives indisputable evidence that our country was founded on and made great by our forefathers’ reliance on God and His Holy Word. America’s future well-being and prosperity is dependent upon all citizens learning this great heritage. It is especially important for today’s elected officials to uphold these Biblical principles that were woven into the very fabric of our society and to create legislation in the prism of a Godly worldview.


Introduction – American Exceptionalism

    1. The Bible: Rock of Our Republic
    2. Law and Liberty
    3. A “Liberal Arts” Education
    4. Pastors and American Independence
    5. The American Christian Revolution – Religion and Morality: Foundation of America’s Liberty and Independence
    6. The Influence of the Bible on the Development of American Constitutionalism
    7. Separation of Church and State?
    8. The Changing Nature of Law in America
    9. Qualifications for Godly Officials
   10. Liberty


The Bible: America's Source of Law and Liberty

by Stephen McDowell

forward by Delegate Mike Azinger


"This latest book by Stephen McDowell is a great resource for anyone who desires to know the true source of law and liberty in America.  For decades, American Family Association has worked to restore biblical values in our culture and this book by Stephen is a great tool to do just that."

Tim Wildmon President, American Family Association

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