I Had a Vision. God Had a Plan. by Don Wildmon

A Memoir by Don Wildmon with Allen Wildmon

This book tells the highly-motivating story of how one man stepped out of his small community church’s pulpit, and acting on his Christian faith, with no financial backing, founded the American Family Association.

Hardcover; 239 pages

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With his dining room table as an office, the organization grew from one person to more than one million supporters. He fought liberal attempts to secularize America. Those who opposed him tried nearly every effort to denigrate and destroy him with smears, halftruths and character assassination. He scoffed at the many names used against him in their attempt to discredit his efforts. He and his family have paid a price for his courageous battle for Judeo-Christian values.

Today, American Family Association and American Family Radio are fulfilling the mission for which they were founded, giving spiritual food and information to listeners and readers and calling individuals to involvement.  –Allen Wildmon


About Don Wildmon (1938 -2023)

Don Wildmon was born in the little village of Dumas, Mississippi, the son of a Christian farmer and a Christian homemaker. He and his family, two older sisters and two older brothers, left the village with his parents when he was two. His parents lost the family farm due to a mortgage foreclosure during the Great Depression. He graduated high school in Ripley, Mississippi, and worked his way through Millsaps College. He received a Master of Divinity from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He has received two honorary Doctorate Degrees.

He served in the U.S. Army and served in the pulpit as a minister for 13 years. He is the author of 20 books with 500,000 in print. He stepped down from his church pulpit in 1977 and founded AFA when he saw the anti-Christian bias increasing in America.

As chairman of AFA, he oversaw the building of 195 FM Christian radio stations located throughout the nation. He also oversaw the building of an in-house internet service provider and the formation of American Family Studios to produce Christian films.

He resigned as chairman of AFA due to an illness from St. Louis encephalitis in 2010.