MFL Conference 2023 DVD Set

Experience the highlights of the 2023 MFL (Marriage, Family, Life) Conference with this 4-disc DVD set including footage of panel discussions as well as keynote speakers such as Meeke Addison, Dr. Lee Brand, Jenna Ellis, Dr. Kathy Koch, Abraham Hamilton IIi, and many more.

4 discs; Total Approximate Runtime: 640 minutes

© 2023
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The purpose of the MFL conference is to equip believers to defend biblical truth and ministry to culture-wearied adults and children (ages 4-17). This conferences aims to inform and encourage believers to stand strong in their walk with God during these tough times. For more information, visit

Disc 1
Stephen Black — "Understanding Homosexuality" (70 min)
Panel Discussion — "Finding Lasting Freedom from Sexual Brokenness" (53 min)
Meeke Addison — "For His Glory Alone" (56 min)

Disc 2
Israel Wayne — "Revival in the Home" (58 min)
Dr. Lee Brand Dr. — "The Church for His Glory Alone" (55 min)
Dr. Kathy Koch — "Raising Resilient Kids" (60 min)

Disc 3
Jenna Ellis — "How Our Faith Intersects with Political Engagement" (60 min)
Dr. Jason Lisle — "Understanding Genesis" (56 min)
Dr. Kathy Koch — Conversations About Tough Stuff" (32 min)

Disc 4
Ryan Bomberger — "The Fight for Life Continues" (54 min)
Abraham Hamilton III — "Three Months ..." (56 min)


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