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Chris | 1/6/2019 2:15 PM
Great Book
This book is full of the wisdom of scripture and good stories to go with it. I don't doubt my 12 year old son will look back in years to come and make biblical decisions based on what we read together. We do need more fathers that are willing to spend time raising their sons and daughters with a biblical worldview!
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John | 9/14/2019 5:47 PM
Great read and great lessons
If only my father would have praised me. Instead he told me what my third grade teacher told him - that I was was not a good student, but I would make a good husband.  I followed in my fathers steps and have been married six times yes six times. I still love my father but i wish he would have praised me a little. Thank you Mr. Fischer for teaching me, I pray that a lot of fathers read this book and then read it to their kids, it is needed today.  Before my Fathers death, he encouraged me to become a Christian and after searching. I came to Christ thanks my father, American Family Radio. Thanks to Christ, I also have a christian marriage with my wife.
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Wayne | 11/7/2019 10:32 PM
excellent resource for fathers
Bryan Fischer is the host of the Focal Point radio program heard weekdays on the American Family Radio network and has successfully raised a son, Jonathan David (J. D.).  The Boy to Man Book is designed for fathers to read with their 12-year-old sons to introduce them to the rich wisdom about manhood from the book of Proverbs.  It covers such subjects as fearing and trusting God, friendship, booze and drugs, anger, sex, pornography, dating, how to recognize the woman they are to marry, work, money, speech, finding God’s will for their lives, and even politics.  Each of the 24 chapters closes with a prayer that a father can pray over his son.

In his Introduction, Bryan writes, “There is a crying need for a strong masculine presence in our homes, our churches, our communities, and our nation today….Where do the men of tomorrow come from?…There is only one place we are going to find the men our nation will need in the years to come: they must come from the homes of today.  Not from our churches, although the church clearly has a role.  Not from our schools, which have abandoned character instruction altogether.  Not from youth organizations, as helpful as they may be, for the simple reason that no one can replace a father in a young boy’s life….This book is addressed to your son, but it is designed for you to read with your son between his 12th and 13th birthdays….This book is designed to help you firmly establish your own son in the timeless wisdom of Solomon.”

We homeschooled both of our boys so that in their curriculum we were able to address all the issues dealt with in this book, and their Bible studies in the book of Proverbs were an important part of that curriculum.  Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX, wrote, “The Boy to Man Book is a timely resource for dads looking to mold their young sons into the bold, mature men our world is going to need. It’s hands-on and user-friendly, and best of all, it’s based on the timeless wisdom of Solomon in the book of Proverbs. Dads, if you’ve got a young son, you can’t go wrong with this book!”  All fathers who feel keenly their responsibility to bring their sons up in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord” but are not quite sure how to do it may find that this book is what they are looking for.  And homeschooling fathers can use it as a vital resource in a “life skills” class for their teenage sons.
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