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Picture of Men of Honor Curriculum

Men of Honor Curriculum

(PDF Download)

This 16-page download provides an outline and the basic guidelines to help you develop and implement a Men of Honor course in your community.

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    Picture of The Progressive Threat to the American Republic by Ed Vitagliano

    The Progressive Threat to the American Republic by Ed Vitagliano

    For well over a century, secular progressives in the United States have worked tirelessly to transform America into a radically different nation from the one we love. Their America would renounce our founding principles and create a nation rooted in humanism – a philosophy that rejects God and puts man at the authoritative center of all things.

    In many of the ways that count the most, they have succeeded. Their philosophy is dominant in media, in government, in entertainment, in public schools, and even in some churches.

    In The Progressive Threat to the American Republic, AFA executive vice president Ed Vitagliano exposes the secular progressive movement and reveals the forces that have brought America to the brink of losing our freedoms.

    © 2017

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  • AFA Cultural Institute DVD and Booklet Set
  • AFA Cultural Institute DVD
  • The Progressive Threat to the American Republic booklet (set of 5)
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    Picture of Constitution Combo

    Constitution Combo

    AFA Cultural Institute: God in the Constitution by David Barton
    Total Approximate Runtime: 42 minutes
    © 2019

    Pocket Constitution
    including The Declaration of Independence and
    foreword "Christianity and the Constitution" by Stephen McDowell
    48 pages; 3.5"x7"
    $12.99 $10.00